Stop being a tourist!

“Thessaloniki, erotiki poli” / Thessaloniki, erotic city. The Athenian cliché says that Thessaloniki is the most erotic city of Greece. Don’t believe the hype!

The L in bold / The citizens of Thessaloniki pronounce the letter “l” bold, like the Catalans.

Kardasi / A way to say “yo, bro!”. In plural: kardasia. For familiar use only.

Halara / Relax, take it easy. It’s a way of life, it’s a point of view, it’s the city’s motto.

Frappé / The official city’s cold coffee drink. Reflects the “halara” way of life, given that ordering a glass of frappé at a café you may enjoy careless relaxation and small talk for hours.

Bougatsa / The traditional delicious city’s pie (with cheese or with cream). Try bougatsa for breakfast or after a hedonistic night out. It protects against hangovers.

Tsoureki / The traditional city’s cake. Greeks use to eat tsoureki only during Easter. In Thessaloniki, any day is tsoureki day!

Koutra / Free of charge (slang).

“Kamara se 5” / See you in Kamara in five minutes. The Arch of Galerius is the meeting point for the young students and protesters.

“Fisai Vardaris” / Vardaris is a cold wind blowing from the north. When it blows, it offers a clear view of the Olympus mountain.

“San ti Chalkidiki den ehei” / There is no place like Chalkidiki. The people of Thessaloniki are very proud for the beaches of Chalkidiki. They believe that Chalkidiki’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the world! True!

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