Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

The art of the silversmith in the Its Kale kitchens.

Various crews are occupying every street corner.

A symbol of the city’s diversity and multicultural spirit

It's a kind of art

An exhibition center with architectural interest

You have to visit them

 Foreign visitors share their experiences of Greece. Music cover by Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop. 

"A city unique not just in Europe, but in the entire history of humanity”

Almost anything you need can be found here

One of the oldest tobacco warehouses of the city

The personal touch is visible in most parts of the Astoria

Neo-traditional design extends to the cuisine as well

A part of Thessaloniki’s gastronomy culture

All kind of beers, plus a full British menu card

A small museum of design

Greece’s largest technology and stationery store