Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

It is 150 years old today. Here follows an extensive Athens Voice feature published one year ago...

Expensive shops for expensive tastes

A walk beside the sea

Thessaloniki has spurned the wildest bands this country produced

Industrial aesthetic, various commercial and cultural facilities

Art nouveau mixed with hints of neoclassical eclecticism

Islands, islands, islands

"A city unique not just in Europe, but in the entire history of humanity”

For serious shopping

Founded in 1969 and owned by the same family that owns the Theoxenia Hotel in Ouranoupoli Chalkidiki

Comfortable and casual in style, ideal for visitors with low budgets

Easily the most trustworthy dining facility in the area of Ladadika

A sweet smelling spot

Τhe epitome of cool

The definitive cafe-bar with a sense of humour

Vin­tage clothes and accessories

Fragrance paradise