Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Thessaloniki rock city!

Our baristas are maestros!

The city sounds better this way.

The history of Thessaloniki from the great fire of 1917 up to the present day

The museum plays a pivotal role in the city’s cultural environment, due to its constant artistic activity.

Symbolizes the rupture between the city’s Ottoman past and it’s European aspirations for the future

 Foreign visitors share their experiences of Greece. Music cover by Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop. 

Green gardens, swimming pools, waterfalls, the Hyatt is a masterpiece of a five star hotel with facilities of jet-set proportions, such as the Ambrosia and the Cigar Aficionado Bar, to name but a few. Besides, the Hyatt is also home of the Hyatt Regency Casino, the country’s largest of its kind, and one of the most famous across Europe.

One of the oldest tobacco warehouses of the city

Easily the most trustworthy dining facility in the area of Ladadika

Endless variety of German and Greek sausages

An ethnic fusion


Synonymous with glorious, legendary nights

Fragrance paradise

Timeless clothes and wedding dresses with personality