Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

It's a kind of art

A symbol of the city’s diversity and multicultural spirit

The history of Thessaloniki from the great fire of 1917 up to the present day

Spring, entirely: the sun, the heat and the blooming flowers; a powerful force sheers you off to

An exhibition center with architectural interest

Greece attracts large crowds of youngsters every year

"A city unique not just in Europe, but in the entire history of humanity”

For serious shopping

Offers possibly the best view to the sea

A great history surrounds this gigantic hotel that dominates the seafront esplanade

A sweet smelling spot

Tex – Mex, burgers, fries and Elvis

Space – age design

A small museum of design

Beads in all shapes and sizes

Can you Philly the difference?