Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Thessaloniki rock city!

The history of Thessaloniki from the great fire of 1917 up to the present day

A walk beside the sea

Thessaloniki sweet city!

The first museum of contemporary art in Greece.

A cultural foundation that promotes technology and creates the appropriate environment to inform the public on technological and science advances.

 Foreign visitors share their experiences of Greece. Music cover by Monsieur Minimal - Lollipop. 

"A city unique not just in Europe, but in the entire history of humanity”

Almost anything you need can be found here

The personal touch is visible in most parts of the Astoria

A boutique hotel designed to provide pleasant accommodation to travelers

A part of Thessaloniki’s gastronomy culture

Grills and roasts of the finest quality

Very lively at any given hour

A classic downtown bar

Clothes and accessories for the aesthete

Beads in all shapes and sizes