El Burrito

According to the legend, the first Mexican to ever produce a burrito was Juan Mentez, a wandering cook during the revolution era. The aforementioned chef used to wrap up his food in a large, homemade tortija in order to keep them warm. This delicacy which was set to conquer the globe is the centerpiece of this here adorable little cantina Mexicana & coctaileria. The menu bears the signature of Eciel Cuevas Lopez, a chef who came all the way from Guadalajara to settle in our corner of the globe, so rest assured, loosen your belts and be prepared to go the full rounds on burritos, tacos, fatijias, ensaladas and satisfy your thirst with exceptional cocktails, courtesy of Elias Longo, a graduate with a degree on Bartending and Bar Management. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

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