Meeting the European metropolis

Tsimiski street: The melting pot of modern urbania, where the young and the beautiful flirts with its own image on display windows and where the eternal desire to see and be seen is suppressed only by the exhaustion of another day-long shopping marathon. Endless lines in front of the huge department stores’ cash desks, ATM’s working full time, traffic policemen hopelessly trying to organize the chaos, desperate taxi drivers stuck in the bottling traffic, the human beehives of sidewalks and pedestrian crosses. Almost anything you need can be found here: from clothes and technology devices to books and magazines. The “Plateia” shopping center is a universe on its own: teenagers exchange their first kisses providing a romantic canvas against the backdrop of coffee aficionados who relax in the surrounding shops, whilst film goers order their tickets for the night from the cinema complex. This is a spot where you can shop, drink, dine, and watch a movie in the space of a few square meters.

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  • Address : Tsimiski str

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