Your ultimate guide to Greece

The best things to do selected by the Athens Voice team

Since 1991, at Toumba, they make the best roast chicken in the city, served with a secret recipe dressing and fried potato slices.

Hey Joe, a street-food canteen that is worth sinning for in a scenery inspired by Fellini and Pasolini, under the sound of Lou Reed’s voice in “Waiting For My Man”, “Walk On The Wild Side” και “Dirty Boulevard”

Fotis Potoyridis opened a portuguese spot in Thessaloniki 

Apart from exhibitions, Teloglion organizes educational programs, symposiums and seminars.

A cultural foundation that promotes technology and creates the appropriate environment to inform the public on technological and science advances.

Greece attracts large crowds of youngsters every year

"A city unique not just in Europe, but in the entire history of humanity”

 Has been a choice of quality since 1924

The personal touch is visible in most parts of the Astoria

Probably the best seafood taverna in the city’s heartland

Fried and grilled meat dishes are the specialties 

Hot spot for the locals


Synonymous with glorious, legendary nights

Beads in all shapes and sizes


 Lots of lace, jersey, cotton, silk