The top 2 Greek destinations included in the 25 top European secrets

The Insider's list of European destinations that one should visit at least once in their lives.

In the list published by the Insider with the 25 “secret European villages you should visit in your lifetime” one finds among others two Greek destinations Kardamyli and Folegandros.

The two destinations were included in the top 25 European secrets and were listed as places one should visit for their natural beauty and as alternative getaways.

It is worth mentioning the rest of the places – alternative and lesser known – mentioned in the list:

Giornico - Switzerland
Kotor - Montenegro
Bolgheri - Italy
Staufen im Breisgau - Germany
Lavenham - England
Aberdour - Scotland
Norcia - Italy
Roundstone - Ireland
Chassignolles - France
Getaria - Spain
Marvao - Portugal
Terschelling - Netherlands
Tisvildeleje - Danmark
Arild - Sweden
Hellnar - Iceland
Slavonice – Czech Republic
St. Mawes - England
St. Genies - France
Ullastret - Spain
Hall in Tirol - Austria
Koguva - Estonia
Plios - Russia
Viscri - Romania

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