Hey Joe: the most delicious “fancy” street food in Thessaloniki

According to Hey Joe’s slogan, here you will enjoy “great meat, cold beer and street food on fire”. You can also taste crunchy baguette sandwiches made with tender sausage, juicy chicken thigh or pancetta that is marinated for 24 hours in salt brine, and served with pickled onions, various kinds of mustard, mayonnaise, tarragon and coriander. The eggplant spread is based on a recipe from the Holy Mount Athos and is homemade, just like the cheese spreads, while the red Florina peppers and cherry tomatoes are charred on the Argentinian-inspired charcoal grill.

Take note and remember when you visit this place: the juicy burgers in Hey Joe, a mix of beef, lamb and pork minced meat are not made with allspice, just with thyme, as one of the owners kindly informs us. The fresh French fries and homemade Hey Joe beer not only guarantee a high-quality street food experience but also make us feel even more certain that, in Thessaloniki, one of the things that seem to work smoothly are the restaurants. From low-profile eateries, fine-dining places, gastro-taverns, brasseries, brunch destinations, fancy meat and fish restaurants to Hey Joe on Giannitson Street, Thessaloniki has such a distinctive ambience that it was the first Greek city to join the UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy Network. Being a crossroad of different cultures and blessed by the Mediterranean climate, it offers high-quality gastronomic options that bring out every authentic flavour, thanks to locally-sourced, fresh ingredients.

Hey Joe, 103-105 Giannitson Street, Thessaloniki – Open daily from 11 a.m to 6 p.m., Tel. 698 682 9684

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