We are all «Travel»

People’s right to the freedom of traveling should be indisputable and travelling around the world should be made possible for everyone. Facilitating travel for all is of top priority to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), which has recently launched its first social media video campaign under the title “I Am Travel”, calling for “freedom” to travel the globe. The world is a better place if we have Freedom to Travel – the freedom to celebrate the immense diversity of our planet; the freedom to do business; the freedom to create jobs and to generate prosperity, says WTTC and puts this idea in “motion”. “Travel & Tourism is one of the largest employers in the world and contributes nearly 10% to the world’s GDP”, notes WTTC. However, this involves greatly the people factor. “Countless travelers speak of the marvels of far off places; the eye-opening experiences they’ve had in culturally opposite countries; yet, people born in certain countries enjoy more travel freedom than others”. “’Freedom to Travel’ means ensuring that people have the right to cross international borders safely and efficiently for tourism purposes”, claims WTTC. “It means smarter visa processes, more visa waiver agreements and trusted traveler programs”. “We recognize that there is a need for countries to maintain border security. But there needs to be a better balance between sovereign security concerns and the needs of international leisure and business travelers to pass through immigration with the minimum of hassle”. The world is a better place if we have Freedom to Travel and no matter where we are traveling from, we are all “Travel”.


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