1932: Olympia baths open their doors to the public for the very first time in the center of Thessaloniki, below the former Governor’s House, formerly known as “Dioikitirio”. At the time, Olympia offered rare services to the city’s inhabitants, such as shower, hamam, massage and physiotherapies, but also a regular meeting point. 1964: Olympia enters a more ambitious phase as the bathing house shares duties with the new establishment, a hotel located between Venizelou and Olympou street. 1980: the baths close down and the hotel opens up, after a full renovation which results in a 111 new rooms, a restaurant and a cafeteria. 2007: evolution continues as a thorough renovation turns Olympia into Hotel Olympia, an elegant boutique hotel with high specifications, adapted to the modern needs of urban environment. Today, HO continues to prosper as an exemplary minimalistic hotel of clean lines, natural and dynamic materials such as wood, granite and Philippe Starck furniture.

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