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Rotonta. Built in the 4th century A.D. (Kamara) / The Arch of Galerius. (Dimitriou Gounari 43-47) / The Walls of Thessaloniki. (Ano Poli) / The Christian church of Agia Sofia. Built in the 9th century A.D. (Agias Sofias square) / The Christian church of Agios Dimitrios. Built in the 5th century A.D (Agiou Dimitriou 97) / The administration building of Thessaloniki. Built in 1891 by the Italian architect Vitaliano Poselli (Filimona Dragoumi & Agiou Dimitriou) / Villa Allatini. Built in 1896 by the Italian arcitect Vitaliano Poselli (Vasilissis Olgas 198) / Papafio orphanage. Built in 1894 by the architect Xenofontas Paeonidis (Papafi 33) / Villa Morntoh. Built in 1905 by Xenofontas Paeonidis (Vasilissis Olgas 162) / University faculty of philosophy. Built in 1887 by Vitaliano Poselli
(University campus, Egnatia st.) / Genti Koule. Built in 1431 (Ano POLI, Eptapyrgio) / The museum of the Macedonian conflict. Built in 1890 by the architect Ernst Ziller (Proksenou Koromila 23) / Alatza Imaret. Built in 1484 (Kassandrou 91) / Catholic church. In 1742 (Fragon 19)

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